Sending your child to daycare can be a challenge to both parents and the child as this will be the first time both are separated for a long duration. Therefore, it is up to you as the parent to select a daycare that suits your child’s personality and way of learning. You will also have to prepare them for daycare so that they are able to transition smoothly.

The learning programme

Offered by the daycare is something that you need to evaluate before deciding whether it is the right choice for your child.  You need to choose a daycare that has a balanced learning programme that considers many aspects of child development. Play based learning is one aspect of daycare Sunshine Coast programme. This allows children to explore their surroundings and develop their creativity. They will also learn problem solving skills. As children are playing with each other, they will learn to communicate better and collaborate. Play based learning is great for expanding the imagination of children as they can do pretend play and create so many unique games that they can play together.  A balanced learning programme will also improve social emotional development of children. In addition to communicating with each other clearly and cooperating, they will also learn empathy. Many group projects can help improve social emotional development. Circle time is another example.

You can also have honest conversations

About emotions and feelings that will help children learn to express themselves. These conversations pave the way to finding safe outlets for children to express their emotions. Another aspect of balanced learning is promoting the development of language. The instructors at the daycare will read to the children and encourage the children to participate in singing, storytelling, rhyming etc. There will also be many resources in the daycare to promote language and literacy development. Children also learn at different speeds and not everyone will learn in the same way. You need to check whether the daycare provides individualised learning where some activities will be tailored to your child’s interests or style of learning. This way, the caregivers will spend time with the child one-on-one so that they are given the support they need.

There should also be activities provided in the daycare to improve cognitive development of children. Activities such as sorting games, solving puzzles and engaging in hands-on activities can help improve cognitive development. Children will learn to improve memory retention and they will also learn problem solving and reasoning skills. Play based learning will also help improve the children’s physical health. In addition to outdoor play, there will be many movement activities and dance that will help children develop coordination and motor skills. By being engaged in physical activity frequently, the children can develop their strength. You should also ask whether the daycare promotes cultural diversity and inclusivity by exposing children to many languages, traditions, cultures etc. There should also be opportunities for children to share their own culture. The children can learn from their peers and it can help mould more open minded individuals who respect others.