Infrared forehead thermometers gained a lot of popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a device that was used at many public places to monitor the temperature of individuals. And the reason that these were used is that they offer a way to measure temperature without contact.

If you are looking to purchase an infrared forehead thermometer for home use,

You should first consider the level of accuracy the device can provide you with. Look for thermometer models that have been tested clinically and therefore proven to provide accurate temperature readings. Some thermometers are certified by regulatory bodies or reputed organisations that can assure you it has been designed and constructed according to certain standards. You can also find infrared forehead thermometers on Make sure to read customer reviews on the thermometer model so that you can get an idea of its accuracy and reliability. There are also different measurement speeds and distances for different models. Some infrared forehead thermometers can be held a longer distance from the forehead while others will need to be a few centimetres away from the forehead to be accurate. The former model can be used in a commercial setting while the latter can be for home use. You need to think about what suits your preferences the most.

Consider the ease of use for the infrared forehead thermometer as well.

You may need a faster thermometer if you want to measure the temperature reading of a restless child. They may not always hold still for a long time. It will be useful if you can find an infrared forehead thermometer that has a memory function. This allows it to store previous temperature readings so that you can track any changes in temperature. You can look at videos of the thermometer to check whether it comes with a clear display that is easy to read. Look for backlit displays with large digits so that you don’t have to squint to read the temperature. With a clear display, you will be able to read the temperature even in low light conditions. There are also certain user-friendly features you can look for in an infrared forehead thermometer such as having intuitive buttons, clear instructions to use the device and a simple interface. There are also thermometers that will give a visual or audio cue once the temperature reading is complete.

Check whether

The thermometer provides fever alerts so that you know when a high temperature reading is detected. You can also check whether it accommodates different temperature units so that you can use whatever is most comfortable. Consider the level of hygiene offered by the infrared forehead thermometer when you are using it for multiple family members. Look for a non-contact design so that you don’t need to have physical contact. Look for a thermometer that has an easy to clean surface. Check the battery life of the thermometer. You can choose which power source is more convenient for you. These may be rechargeable or replaceable batteries or charged through a USB cable.