The holiday season is a much loved time of the year and both children and adults look forward to this so that they can celebrate their traditions and come together as families and communities. One of the additions for your decorations will be the charismas elf and in this article, we will consider how you can create elf related festive traditions for your family.

The elf on the shelf tradition is very popular

And this is where the family will adopt a mischievous elf to visit them from the North Pole. They will check on the behaviour of the children and report the findings to Santa. And the elves also get up to playful antics. They will leave notes or surprises for the children and hide in new spots. They can be trying to steal a cookie in the kitchen on one day and then enjoying a mini ice rink in the bathroom with soap suds. You can have small elf displays in every room which can add to a lot of laughter. For example, you can have them trying to run away with the decorations. Your children will look forward to what the mischievous elves will be doing next. You can also have elf themed DIY projects that the whole family can get involved in. You can look for online stores where you can get an elf for Christmas. There are special needs elves as well as elves in different professions. You can add these to create more inclusivity in your decorations and to also have a teaching moment.

You can make personalised elf ornaments such as creating elf shoes and hats.

You need to have supplies such as fabric, felt, glitter etc. so that you can create eye-catching festive decorations. These can be used in the Christmases to come as well. Another activity that the entire family can get behind will be having an elf movie marathon. You can even invite the neighbours for it and everyone can bring a food item. You can even dress up to this with elf costumes, pyjamas and elf hats so that you can truly get into the holiday spirit. You can also have elf themed baking and cooking activities. There can be cookies shaped like Christmas trees, elves, candy canes etc. and these can be decorated with colourful icing and sprinkles.

Your children can get involved in this as well and they can decorate as they wish.

You can also have elf spaghetti, cupcakes topped with icing that looks like elf hats and pancakes in the shape of an elf face and decorated the same way. The children can help in mixing the ingredients and decorating the items. They will be excited to taste test the creations as well.  There can be elf treasure hunts where you can create a challenge for the kids where they can follow the clues given and solve puzzles to find hidden treasure. There can also be small surprises that they can find along the way. This is a way for the whole family to work together to find treasure. You can also visit holiday attractions such as the North Pole village and Santa’s workshop where you can interact with elves and take photos.