It is natural for household appliances to break and not all needs professional help to fix it, you can do certain repairs by yourself too.

Garbage disposal

when a garbage disposal becomes overloaded and hot, they have this feature of automatically turning off. In these situations, leaving it till the motor cools down and then pressing the reset button will make it work again.

If the hum is not spinning it indicates that something is stuck on it, what you can do is switch off the disposal and try to turn the blades using wrench or a bottom bolt.

Dishwasher problems

Overflowing problems can arise if the float is not working properly. Dishwashers have a float which arises with the filling of water and once certain level has been reached the floater signal the dishwasher to stop the flowing of water. In most cases this problem can be fixed with raising and lowering the floater by hand many times, but if this doesn’t resolve the issue then it is time to replace the floater.

Another problem you may face is the leaking from the dishwasher door this may be because of the seal malfunction, often this is because you have not loaded the dishes properly, so check it and arrange your dishes properly. Another reason for this can be if there is debris on the seal, this is not a big deal you can remove the seal and wash it and put it back.

If the dishwasher isn’t draining properly this may indicate clogging, this clog you can remove by hand. Since the sink and dishwasher drainage are connected check your sink to see if it clogged.

These are some dishwasher issues you can fix by yourself. There may be some problems that need the help of a professional. For this you may have to hire services that offer commercial dishwasher repairs across Australia.

Leaking fridge repair

Leaking fridge is another commonly encountered problems, if the fridge is leaking from inside, it may be because the defrosting draining system or the fridge drain is blocked. To fix this issue you need to remove the fridge plug and see where the water is being drained and remove the drain pan.

Then you have to remove the cover panel and find the drainage pipe, you will then find the defrosted water which you can drain into a bucket. There is also the upper part of the drainage tube which you have to remove an defrost using may be a hair dryer and if there is any physical obstruction remove it.

Gas or electric stove repair

If there is a problem in the electric stove with lighting up you can remove the heating coil from the socket and plug it in, move it around slowly and see if its loose, if it is then trying to bend the burnt prongs outwards to make the connection tighter.

If the problem is the gas stove, it is usually the igniter, see if any food is stuck and remove it.