It can be very healthy for a relationship between a couple to experiment with adult toys and accessories. This is a way for them to enhance their pleasure and understand what each other enjoys in the bedroom.

You need to have open communication

Before you delve into the world of adult toys, fuck toys and accessories. Have an open communication with your partner regarding your expectations, boundaries and desires. There has to be safe space for both of you to express thoughts and feelings on this. Maybe there are certain fantasies that each of you has that you would like to try out. There is no room for judgement in this conversation. This is an intimate conversation and you need to discuss your comfort levels so that you start with a level of trust. If you are new to the world of adult toys, you have to understand the options available. You can take time to research together and learn about different adult toys. There are toys that can be used on men, women and also toys that can be used together. There are many reviews and educational videos you can find online to learn more about what each toy does and what their materials are.

You and your partner

Should have a good idea of what both of you like in terms of sexual stimulation as different toys will function differently. This will help you narrow down the selection. You can even visit a sex shop together. Look for a store that is known to have a welcoming environment and you can even get some advice from the staff regarding certain toys. This will give you a chance to touch and feel the toys available and you will be able to discuss these in person. You can also check these out online as there are many adult stores online. You can go through the product catalogue to get an idea of what they have and what interests you as a couple. You can take the time to browse and learn about the toys together.

It is a good idea to start slow

If you and your partner are new to this. You can start with non-threatening toys like scented candles, massage oils and soft restraints. This way, there is no pressure to start using toys right away and you can build up to using more advanced toys. This will help you become more comfortable with new experiences and it will help build your confidence as a couple as well. You can start incorporating adult toys into foreplay when you are venturing into the next stage. Once you have explored massage oils, light bondage etc. you can use remote controlled devices, vibrating rings etc. to heighten each other’s pleasure. You have to be attentive to each other’s reactions and communicate openly so that you have a good idea of what is pleasurable to both partners. It is important that you prioritise mutual comfort and consent. You need to find your own pace and this can be an opportunity for you to learn and grow together as a couple.