Is your best friend getting married soon and starting a brand new chapter of their life? If you have become the maid of honor or the main bridesmaid for your friend, then you are going to have a lot of responsibilities to carry out before the wedding! One of the things you need to arrange for your friends before their wedding day, is their hens night! A bachelor and bachelorette party is a long standing tradition and is something fun that everyone around the world participates in. It is going to be a celebration of all the girls together one last time before one of you ties the knot and starts a brand new life with their partner! It is going to be an exciting night for everyone of the girls and there is going to be a lot of planning to do for sure. A hens night is naturally a must have for your bride and so, these are 3 amazing ideas that you can put in to your hens night that is coming up!

You can hire a stripper for entertainment and the fun!

One thing you just cannot do without for your hens night is a stripper! No bachelor or bachelorette party is going to be complete without a stripper because they are going to bring the fun and the spice to your party. If your hens night is going to be only food and drinks without any strippers or games, then this is going to be a boring hens night that no one is going to enjoy! Strippers are going to put on a performance that is going to make everyone happy, especially your bride! When you hire a stripper through the right agency, this is going to be a wise decision and it is going to bring the buzz!

Have a life drawing event and game scheduled for everyone

When you hire strippers for the event, you also need to think of the right entertainment for your private parties. If your event is void of entertainment and games, then no one is going to remember the night or enjoy the event. Life drawing has now become one of the most popular games and activities done at hens nights and bachelorette events and this is something you can introduce to your event as well. When you check out what is life drawing?, you can check out how it is done and what you need to do. You can hire some models and strippers that would make this activity a perfect one!

Do not forget to get drunk and have a memorable night!

The third thing you need to know about throwing a hens night for your bride is to have fun and have a boozy night! Booze is something every hens night needs and when you are with your best girlfriends, you can drink and have a memorable time that everyone is going to remember for life.