The landscape of digital marketing is changing every day and businesses need to come up with ways to reach their target audience in different ways. Google Ads is a way to enhance the online presence of a business. This is an online advertising platform that can help you attract potential customers contributing to the growth of your company.

Google Ads Geelong provides a targeted approach when it comes to reaching the audience. This is because the audience can be defined in Google Ads by choosing their interests, location, demographics and behaviour online. This way, your ads will be presented to potential customers that are more likely to be interested in the products or services of your company. This step will increase the efficiency of your marketing. Where organic search engine optimisation or SEO takes time to show results, you don’t need to wait a long time to benefit from Google Ads. The visibility of your business on the search engine results pages will be done from day 1. Therefore, whenever a user is searching for a keyword that is relevant to your products or services, your business will appear prominently. This can be beneficial especially of you are carrying out seasonal campaigns and time sensitive promotions. This information can be provided on the ad and it can attract the attention of the user.

The model of Google Ads is pay-per-click or PPC.

You will only need to pay if a user clicks on your ad. This is a cost-effective approach. You will be able to set a budget based on your financial goals. You will also be able to enjoy more flexibility when managing your marketing budget. You can adjust the amount you spend and this can be based on performance. This will help you allocate resources to the campaigns that are most effective so that the maximum benefit from your marketing budget can be obtained. You can measure how your campaigns are performing by checking the data and analytics provided by Google Ads. There are valuable insights you can have by using tools such as conversion tracking and click-through-rates. This allows you to understand how users interact with the ads and it can be a great help in optimising the campaigns.

You will be able to expand

The brand exposure of your company with Google Ads and this can help your target audience recognise your branding and company name. There are display ads that will be featured on websites that are included in the Google isplay Network and this will increase exposure of your company to more people. You need to make sure that consistent exposure is given to the brand so that potential customers become more familiar with your brand. Geo-targeting capabilities of Google Ads allow local businesses to reach a local audience. You can specify the geographical location where the ad will be displayed. If you are looking to increase foot traffic to a physical store, this can be a great option and it will help more people learn about you and your products or services.