You need to select an online marketplace in order to provide a wider reach of your products to the consumer. eBay is one of the popular marketplaces that are available and there are already so many sellers that are using the platform to market their products. You need to create a strategy in order to stand out from the competition and therefore, gain more exposure for the brand.

Consumers will search for products on eBay just as they would on a search engine and the listings that will be provided as the top search results will be chosen due to search engine optimization. If you are new to this platform or you haven’t experienced much success on the platform, you can contact an agency to focus on eBay marketplace optimisation for your products. There are some basic guidelines that you can follow to make sure that you are qualifying for the basic criteria that eBay is looking for. This will improve the quality of your listing. One of the first things you need to do is to make sure that the description you provide for the product is accurate and comprehensive. One of the reasons that customers hesitate to buy from a seller is because the product description is vague and they are not sure if they are getting the same product that they are thinking of. Make sure that you include as much information about the product as possible and provide accurate information regarding shipping and handling costs, when the customer can expect to receive the product, warranty information, the procedure for returning a product and the location that you are shipping the item from.

But you need to make sure that you don’t overload the listing with keywords as well. Keywords are very useful when eBay is looking for search results but you will not be able to get a bigger exposure just by squeezing in all the keywords into the listing title. This will have a negative impact on your listing and you will not be able to improve sales. These are outdated tactics and it will actually lower the impression that the customer has of you as a business.  And you should avoid duplicating listings as well. There are certain sellers who will change some of the content and the title and duplicate the product listing to get more exposure. But this will break eBay regulations about posting a listing and will even result in the deletion of your product listing. In serious cases, your sore can be deleted as well if this was repeatedly done.

There is an option to include links to improve product listing information. You will be able to provide unique content about your product and stand out from the competition. Therefore, by including these links, you will be able to provide additional information about the product and the company as well as any other related details that are valuable for the customer experience. But you are not allowed to keep a link to direct the shoppers away from eBay to your own e-commerce website to purchase the product at a lower price. Make sure that you provide accurate shipping information and when the product is expected to be delivered so that customers are not disappointed.